Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Imagine always having perfectly shaped brows, gorgeously defined eyes and lip color that will stay perfect for years to come.

Permanent makeup can enhance your life!

IMG_4523Giving you the freedom from worrying about the disappearing brows, smudgy lipstick or eyeliner.

  • Permanent Brows that are shaped correctly to enhance your features
  • Permanent Lip Color always makes a complexion brighter. Have the perfect color chosen for you
  • Permanent Eyeliner always perfectly applied-waking up with a dash of color and definition to the eyes is fabulous.
  • Permanent Makeup that is sweat free and waterproof. Great for the athlete.

Permanent Makeup, also know as Micropigmentation, is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to enhance facial features.

Permanent Makeup can give back what nature has taken away or help camouflage scars, burns or surgery by restoring the natural skin coloring ultimately improving ones self-image and self-esteem.

Choosing a Permanent Makeup Artist

permanent makeupThere are only a select few professions where both technical expertise and artistry rank as equally important. Permanent Makeup is truly an art, not just a process. Your results will be only as good as the artist you choose. Patience, eye for detail, a steady hand, an artist who is knowledgeable in skin tones and colors that create a natural soft enhancement to your face.

Choose the technician carefully by considering their training, experience and examples of their previous work. Check for licensing and certifications.

You should never shop for price in this matter. This is your face and a bargain price isn’t a bargain if the end result is less than satisfactory. There are many technicians who have had inadequate training who are performing these services. The regulation is so minimal in most states that consumers need to educate themselves before deciding on where to go.

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