Oncology Esthetic Services

Oncology Esthetic Services

Featuring De La Terre Skincare Products

oncology-esthetic-servicesCancer treatments and therapies can cause side effects to the skin such as dryness, loss of elasticity, rashes and more; and facial massage needs to be tailored depending on lymph node removal and types of treatments.

Rest assured our estheticians have special training by the American Cancer Society through the Look Good Feel Better program and are certified in the Morag Currin Method of Oncology Esthetic. If you are newly diagnosed, a cancer survivor, family, or a loved one we are here for you.

We use De La Terre skincare products for our oncology services — these products are free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates and phthalates and are specialized for health-challenged skin.

This holistic approach to skin care provides an extraordinary experience in health and wellness. De La Terre products are medically accepted and are featured at Duke Cancer Support Services.

Oncology Spa Services are known to:

  • Reduce symptoms relating to chemotherapy and radiation
  • Rebuild hope
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Give patients a sense of participation in the healing process

The Caring Touch Facial

There may be many changes in the skin as a result of cancer treatment therapies. These changes may include rashes, peeling, thin or fragile and very dry/flakey skin. These changes can be remedied. Whether you are a cancer survivor or undergoing cancer therapies, we can help by providing each client with their own, individual protocol that pertains to their specific condition. Customized to each individual, we utilize a light massage technique and help restore the skins vitality with specially designed products for health challenged skin. $85


Makeup can bring color to your face while you are going through treatment. Our staff is trained to provide you with pointers on how to accentuate your facial features using safe and sanitary application methods. $35

Permanent Cosmetics for Brows

A great solution for anticipated brow loss, this procedure would need to be completed 3 weeks before starting any cancer treatments. Permanent Cosmetics is also a great solution for correcting uneven hair growth or loss of hair due to chemotherapy. Not advised while undergoing cancer therapies and during recovery.

Areola Repigmentation – The Finishing Touch to Breast Reconstruction

Areola repigmentation is the process of implanting pigment into the skin surrounding the nipple of a breast following breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. The technician uses a custom blended pigment color that best matches the clients coloring, then, after the client and the technician are satisfied with the size, shape and color of the new areola, the color is implanted into the skin. The procedure takes less than an hour per side and is usually painless. If the patient feels any discomfort topical anesthetic is applied as needed.

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